Three Ways to Save on Spring Energy Bills

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spring energy billsEvery season comes with its own heating and cooling challenges. Spring is no different with its constant dips into winter and hints to the upcoming summer. Whatever the season, we can all benefit from more of our hard earned dollars staying in our bank accounts. Modern Air and Refrigeration of Sarasota has you covered on your spring energy bills this year. We’ve put together our top three tips to save your hard earned cash for other spring activities through saving on energy costs.

Let the Fresh Air In!

Your home might be suffering from locked-in syndrome, from being locked down tight all winter. The colder air leads homeowners to batten down the hatches so to speak and reduce any leaks inside to the outside air. Well, now that spring is here, time to open your wonderful home back up to the world! Spring is an excellent time to turn off your AC, open your doors and windows, and let the natural breeze blow down your bottom line. Your spring energy bills can be cooled by the cool spring breeze.

Fan of Fans

The hidden power of ceiling fans cannot be undersold when it comes to reducing your spring energy bills. It’s a proven fact that ceiling fans can reduce your energy costs by up to 30% to 40% in some instances. Springtime is the perfect time to turn on those fans to again circulate some of the air that’s been lying stagnant throughout the winter. Just be careful remember that fans don’t actually reduce the temperature. They produce a wind effect that can make it feel cooler. So turn those off when you’re not home or using the room they are fanning to further save on energy costs.

Energy Efficient Window Treatments

We know it can be a bit antithetical to start a list of saving money by asking you to spend money. With that in mind, we saved the most expensive tip for last. But we cannot ignore this spring energy bills buster called energy-efficient window treatments. Our good friends at the Department of Energy estimate that homes can lose upwards to 30% of their heat and cold through regular windows. With the advent of cheap manufacturing, it may behoove every homeowner to consider investing in energy-efficient window treatment options.

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