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Top 3 Recommended AC Upgrades to Save You Money

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Top 3 Recommended AC Upgrades to Save You Money

AC upgradesYour HVAC system is a product of years of engineering and manufacturing that guaranteed optimal operation if properly maintained. But just like any other tool, its performance can be enhanced by a few simple upgrades to improve performance and save you money on your heating and cooling costs. Modern Air & Refrigeration strives to be your top source for all of your HVAC system needs including AC upgrades that can take your system’s performance to the next level.

Ductwork Upgrades

The simplest yet most cost-effective of options when it comes to AC upgrades takes the form of ductwork upgrades. Old, battered or broken ducts are the most common cause of AC energy waste. Regardless of how powerful or efficient your main unit is, it will always be hampered by faulty ductwork to distribute its air into your home. Even if your ducts are in good condition, well-insulated and completely sealed ducts can go far in saving you money on your heating and cooling costs. Sealed ductwork also cuts down on the need for duct cleanings saving you more money in the long run.

HVAC Zones

AC upgrades to your ductwork include a revolutionary method to control temperatures in different parts of your home. Zone dampers are additions to your ductwork that allow your HVAC equipment to communicate with your thermostat to control specific areas in your home. This gives users the ability to heat or cool different rooms depending only on use. The addition of a smart thermostat to this setup can take your AC operation to the next level. Imagine being able to set the temperature for different rooms depending on what time of the day they are occupied or not. Homeowners or business owners with multi-level building AC needs may find this a game changer with the ability to control temperatures for entire floors independently.

Whole-home Humidifier

We round out our list of AC upgrades with an underestimated HVAC component that has the potential to not only save you money but make your home a lot more comfortable to live in as well. If you have a central HVAC system then you have the option of adding a central humidifier. A home that’s either too dry or alternatively too humid can lead you to overtax your AC unit trying to overcompensate for your discomfort. A whole-home humidifier can lower or add moisture as needed to keep your home or building at a comfortable level thereby reducing your need to adjust the thermometer.

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How to Choose an Eco-Friendly AC Unit

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How to Choose an Eco-Friendly AC Unit

Green is in. Modern Air & Refrigeration has been a pioneer of the eco-friendly HVAC drive since its inception. But sometimes going green, especially in a technical area like heating and cooling, can be difficult to ascertain. With this in mind, we have put together a list of tips for homeowners and businesses on how to go about picking an eco-friendly AC unit. In today’s article, we will outline a list of features to look for when it comes to choosing an AC unit in line with your green goals.

SEER or Energy Star Labels

The easiest way for consumers to judge an AC unit’s environmental friendliness comes in the form of two important labels. Eco-friendly AC units will have either an Energy Star and/or SEER rating in accordance with its energy saving ability. These two rankings on an HVAC system can sometimes indicate units that use up to 50% less energy than their non-labeled counterparts. Energy Star is a blue label that indicates voluntary participation in a program managed by the US Environmental Protection Agency with an intended goal of helping businesses and consumers manage their energy efficiency. SEER, on the other hand, is a measure of an AC unit’s cooling output divided by total electric energy in a given cooling season. It provides a numerical figure to compare from unit to unit to better pick a unit in line with your green goals.

Eco-Friendly AC Units with Two-Stage Compressors

A two-stage compressor, sometimes known as a dual-stage compressor, is an industry leading HVAC system feature to save money, and therefore reduce your environmental footprint. Unlike the traditional single stage compressor, an eco-friendly AC two-stage compressor will operate at two capacities. Medium capacity for when your home needs moderate cooling to high capacity when it’s extremely hot outside. This is a departure from traditional compressors that only have one capacity, which is running at full blast. The limited nature of medium capacity will not only save you money on heating and cooling costs but increase your AC’s operating lifetime as well.

Eco-Friendly AC Programmable Thermostats

Eco-Friendly ACThis next eco-friendly AC feature we cannot recommend enough. Programmable thermostats have advanced leaps and bounds since they became commercially available. You can adjust these thermostats for different temperatures depending on when you plan on being home. Gone are the days of keeping your home cooled all day for no apparent purpose. Furthermore, for those users who endeavored to reduce their AC use by manually adjusting the temperature, this process can now happen automatically. Additionally, these nifty devices can be added to existing HVAC system installations.

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The AC Spring Cleaning Checklist

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The AC Spring Cleaning Checklist

AC spring cleaningSpring is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about that favored yearly activity: spring cleaning. One thing that sneaks by most homeowners is AC spring cleaning. Your AC needs regular quarterly cleaning to maintain it in proper working order. But every year or so your HVAC unit needs a deep cleaning that can help it operate at optimal levels throughout the year. Modern Air & Refrigeration of Sarasota has a quick checklist for you to take into account this year for your AC spring cleaning.

Cleaning Your AC Condenser

Your HVAC condenser is a crucial but often overlooked component of your AC system. This importance makes it key that it be included in your AC spring cleaning plans. Check around your condenser for debris, shrubs or any other impediments that may have collected around the unit. As a good rule of thumb, nothing should obstruct your AC condenser in an 18-inch area. This helps to avoid things from getting caught in the fan or blocking the air intake to the condenser.

AC Spring Cleaning Your Evaporator Coils

The evaporator piece of your air conditioner is another overlooked component of your AC’s operation. Its function is to circulate the air in your home, taking warm air out and replacing it with cooler air. Evaporator coils also serve the additional function of dehumidifying your home. Both these functions add up to the same thing; constant use. This makes it a critical part of your AC spring cleaning. Unfortunately, the evaporate coils are a little more complicated to clean than the condenser. We recommend getting in touch with a local Sarasota HVAC professional to take a look at your coils in a safe manner.

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Why You Need An HVAC Maintenance Contract

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Why You Need An HVAC Maintenance Contract

hvac maintenance contractIf you’ve used the services of a local HVAC company then you’ve probably been offered an AC maintenance contract. An HVAC maintenance contract comes with a multitude of benefits to the health and proper operation of your AC unit. However, not all maintenance contracts are built the same. Each contract is different depending on the company and the type of services needed. Modern Air & Refrigeration is here to provide you with an introduction into the HVAC maintenance contract world including the pros and cons to guide your decision making.

What is an HVAC Maintenance Contract?

A typical HVAC maintenance contract comes with a bi-annual maintenance schedule automatically built in. Your local Sarasota HVAC contractor will schedule this maintenance to occur on a regular basis to keep your AC system operating optimally. In addition to maintenance, the contract usually includes discounts on additional services and components. The overall goal of a maintenance contract is to head off any issues your AC might have during its operation. Furthermore it reduces your cost barrier when extra services are required to keep your AC humming along.

What is Included in an HVAC Maintenance Contract?

Modern Air & Refrigeration takes your maintenance contract very serious. We go above and beyond with a contract that includes quarterly “precision tune ups” to catch any potential issues long before they cause any interruption in your AC operation. If we identify an issue we don’t leave you with a hefty bill, our maintenance contract includes a 10% discount on all repairs. We won’t charge you for overtime since we understand that your problem comes first, not how long it takes to solve it. It’s the source of our Sarasota HVAC motto “problem solved”.

Modern Air goes beyond maintenance when it comes to its typical HVAC maintenance contract. Subscribers also receive priority dispatch 24/7 to keep your AC running regardless of when you experience an issue. And finally we understand that AC service can be disruptive to your home or business. We offer flexible service scheduling at your convenience as part of your maintenance contract.

The Risks of Not Having a Maintenance Contract

We have espoused the importance of maintaining your AC to save on heating and air costs as well as repairs. An unmaintained AC unit can potentially break down at any point leading to potentially thousands of dollars in maintenance costs. If you’re a business or a cost conscious homeowner, the risks of a breakdown far outweigh the costs of a maintenance contract.

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3 Tips to Choosing the Right Commercial HVAC Provider

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commercial hvac providerThere is a huge difference between choosing an HVAC contractor for your home, and selecting one for your business. For starters residential A/C units are only a fraction of the complexity of their commercial counterparts. Furthermore, in most cases a commercial HVAC contractor operates on a contractual basis adding further trepidation to the decision of choosing a trusted HVAC contractor. Sarasota has several options for your commercial HVAC provider needs but how can you be sure you picked the right one? Modern Air &Refrigeration has 3 key tips to help you make the right choice, the first time.

Commercial HVAC Provider Licensing and Insurance

You cannot even consider a commercial HVAC provider without the right licensing and insurance. Florida law requires contractors to be insured and licensed to operate for consumer protection. Considering or even pursing a contractor without a license puts your HVAC system’s warranty at risk of being void, can risk your business insurance coverage, and has potential to cause you issues should you run into problems with any repairs done by an unlicensed service. Needless to say this is a precarious position you cannot afford for your business concerns.

Commercial HVAC Provider Experience

Experience, experience, and furthermore experience. You may be able to do a few days in your home without your heating and cooling unit functioning. In a commercial environment, however, this means a stoppage in business costing you thousands in lost revenue. The difference between risking potential downtime and expedient service is experience. You cannot risk hiring a commercial HVAC provider with little to no experience in the hopes of shaving off a few pennies from your repair costs. Vet your contractor by calling past clients, asking them for past experiences with HVAC units similar to yours, and checking their business operation history.

Response Time is Key

At the end of the day, a great service from a great commercial HVAC provider means nothing if they can’t reach you in time. This is especially true in our great city of Sarasota. Every minute when your A/C is down could potentially spell the loss of merchandise in the thousands of dollars. Take into consideration licenses, insurance, experience but most importantly how fast can your HVAC contractor get to you. How available are they to service your needs at a moment’s notice? Make sure to vet any potential service for their response times to your specific location.

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