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Thermostat Basics and Your HVAC System

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thermostat basicsThe typical homeowner interacts with their HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system by one small but crucial part of the system; the thermostat. Besides the basics of turning the temperature up or down, today’s thermostats can do so much more. Modern Air & Refrigeration of Sarasota has put together a handy guide on thermostat basics to help you understand the options and features you now have at your fingertips. Thermostats can save you a bundle on your heating and cooling costs with proper use.

Thermostat Basics

Let’s start with your AC’s thermostat basics and how it functions. There are two types of thermostats prevalent today. There are newer electronic thermostats, and older electromechanical thermostats. Electronic thermostats are simple and use sensors to determine the temperature in your home. Electromechanical systems rely on either a bi-metal or metal strip that uses mercury to move either down or up signaling your HVAC to turn on or off. Either method of tracking and changing temperatures lose efficiency if adjusted too often. If your aim is to save energy, adjusting your thermostat sparingly will help regardless of the type of thermostat you have in your home.

Thermostat Basics of Saving Money

Modern Air & Refrigeration recommends that you use programmable thermostats to save money on your heating and cooling costs. Thermostat basics begin with keeping your home cooled or heated only when needed. Programmable electronic thermostats can be adjusted to lower or increase the temperature when you’re not home. Recent versions even allow remote access via website or your phone so you can adjust the temperature as needed from anywhere. If you’re inside your home remember our earlier tip, touch the thermostat as least as possible. Adjustments take energy to meet your new either lower or higher temperature.

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HVAC Duct Replacements: Is it Time?

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HVAC Duct Replacements: Is it Time?

duct replacementsIf you are on the fence on whether your home HVAC needs duct replacements or just a cleaning you’ve come to the right place. Your HVAC’s ducts are an out of sight and easily forgotten about component of your home’s air conditioning. Indeed, a number of homeowners are not aware of the signs of dirty or malfunctioning air conditioner ducts. We will go over the signs that you may have an issue and the recommended methods to alleviate the problem.

HVAC Duct Replacements Signs

The easiest sign to spot a system that might be in dire need of duct replacements is dust. This symptom usually manifests itself in worsening allergies, stuffy rooms, and dust collecting on surfaces at an alarming rate. The second sign your home might need duct replacements comes in the form of mildew. Finally, leaky HVAC ducts have trouble heating or cooling your home leading to inconsistent temperatures across the home. If you walk into spots and suddenly get hit with a cold or warm area, dirty or imbalanced ducts might be the culprit.

Metal vs. Plastic HVAC Ducts

The type of ducts your HVAC uses directly affects whether you need duct replacements or just cleaning. Metal ductwork with no interior lining can typically be cleaned with ease. Plastic ductwork, however, is a lot more complicated. They consist of a small plastic wall wrapped in insulation with that signature foil backing for additional sealing. Plastic ducts can also be cleaned by professionals with the right tools. The only exception occurs in cases of extreme mold infection. You don’t want to trade your health for your HVAC.

Duct Replacements or Duct Cleaning?

So what’s the verdict? Should you go for the duct cleaning or opt for the complete duct replacements package? Truth is every HVAC unit’s needs are unique. Depending on the age of your system, your home, the ducts and type of ducts, an HVAC professional can determine which option will be suitable for you. Your role as the homeowner and eventual payer is to ask all the right questions to ensure your Sarasota HVAC contractor has done their due diligence. You should now be equipped with enough knowledge as to what type of ducts you have and the specific issue you face.

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Signs you need a Furnace Replacement

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Signs you need a Furnace Replacement

furnace replacementThere are few appliances more complicated in a home than a furnace. They are an essential piece of any home’s heating and air operation but remain a mystery to most homeowners. The good news is; they operate relatively trouble-free as long as they are properly maintained. But just when is it time to replace these quiet hard workers? Modern Air & Refrigeration has compiled an essential list of signs your home might be due for a furnace replacement.

Furnace Replacement Timeline

The furnace replacement period is typically between 15 to 20 years. This timeline is accurate whether your furnace was professionally maintained throughout its lifetime or left to its own devices. After 15 years repairing your furnace will likely cost more than 50% of the cost of a replacement. That makes the decision of a furnace replacement an easy one to make. You can find your specific unit’s recommended lifespan in your owner’s manual or by calling your unit’s manufacturer with the model number handy.

The Never Ending Repairs

This next furnace replacement signpost is a no-brainer. On average around the last two years of the furnace lifetime we mentioned earlier your unit will start to suffer from constant breakdowns requiring never-ending repairs. Besides the 50% of the cost of a new furnace replacement rule, the next rule of thumb is 10% of the cost of a furnace replacement rule. Generally, if a furnace is over 20 years old and repairs will cost more than 10% of a new replacement, it might be time to invest in a new unit.

The Punch to the Wallet

This next sign that your home is headed for a furnace replacement comes in the form of heating bills. The most subtle of the signs, it tends to creep up on homeowners. Unless there is a catastrophic failure the only indication that your unit is losing its effectiveness will be your increasing heating costs. Year after year your electric or gas bill will climb up more than usual every winter. Eventually your yearly savings from a furnace replacement over its lifetime will overtake your current heating costs. New furnaces will bring new technology targeted towards efficiency in warming your home.

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Hiring an HVAC Contractor: 3 Crucial Steps

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Hiring an HVAC Contractor: 3 Crucial Steps

HVAC ContractorYour heating and cooling system is a critical component of your home. It is an expensive investment you want to be done right and done right the first time. For these and a myriad of other reasons, homeowners experience strong feelings of trepidation when it comes to choosing an HVAC contractor. But never fear Modern Air & Refrigeration of Sarasota is here to help! We put together a list of 3 crucial steps you can’t afford to skip on your hunt for a reliable heating and cooling provider.

Check HVAC Contractor Experience

The first step of any HVAC contractor search for smart homeowners should be company experience checking. This is the time to check on the age of the company. All things being equal the longer a business has been operating the more trustworthy it is in terms of staying power. Services that leave something to be desired are shunned and eventually close. This is not to say company age is indicative of the quality of service but it’s a good sign as a component of the reliability of their services.

HVAC Contractor Credentials

The next step in your HVAC contractor search is essential to ensuring you don’t make the wrong choice. HVAC contractors are vetted by several rating agencies that specialize on the quality of service provided. The North American Technician Excellence or NATE is one such agency. They are a national organization that provides certifications for individual technicians based on tests. Parameters are based on agreed-upon components by participants in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry.

Reviews and Testimonies

The last pivotal step in an HVAC contractor hunt is checking for client reviews. We highly recommend this step as previous customers are going to be your best bet when it comes to measuring the recent quality of services provided by the contractor you are researching. Reviews can be found on Google, Facebook, and other sources by searching for the company’s name. Look for specific technician names if you can find them, name callouts are usually a good indication of stellar service.

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Top 3 Air Conditioning Winter Energy Saving Tips

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Top 3 Air Conditioning Winter Energy Saving Tips

Winter Energy Saving Tips

Winter is upon us! Those heating bills should be hitting the bank account right about now for most Sarasota residents. It’s time to fight back with Modern Air & Refrigeration’s top 3 air conditioning winter energy savings tips in 2018. Before we even get started we highly recommend you schedule an air condition tune-up to give these tips the best chance to succeed. Without a checkup, your HVAC might already be fighting against any improvements you try to reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Winter Energy Saving Tip #1: Window Treatments

It’s insulation time! Your windows are the most exposed areas of your home to the outside world. One of the first lines of defense against the cold sapping away at the heat your HVAC unit is producing is window treatments. Specifically, you want tight-fitting covers, insulating drapes or shades that cover the entirety of the window. Don’t want to break your budget with expensive window treatment options? A simple clear plastic sheet or plastic film can be added to the inside of your windows for extra insulation during the colder months. These easy to add options can just as easily be removed when the weather warms up to encourage airflow.

Winter Energy Saving Tip #2: The Temperature

This air conditioning winter energy saving tip comes down to personal preference. When you are at home and awake set your thermostat as low as is comfortable. Some homeowners even put on sweaters to keep the temperature setting as low as they can get it. When you leave the home or go to bed turn down your thermostat up to 10 degrees lower as your home does not need as much heat during these periods of time. A programmable thermostat that does this for you automatically is a great investment for any homeowner looking to lower their heating costs.

Winter Energy Saving Tip #3: Plug Those Leaks

The silent culprit that plagues many a home heating bills comes in the form of leaks. Leaks are not a fix once and done issue when it comes to further insulating your home. It is recommended by the US Department of Energy that you check your home for leaks at least once a year. New or old leaks may pop up over time in your home causing your heating costs to skyrocket inexplicably. Check your pipes, chimney gaps, recessed lights, doors, and windows. Door and windows especially should have caulk or weatherstripping along the edges.

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