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New HVAC System Features that Increase Your Home’s Value

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New HVAC System Features that Increase Your Home’s Value

Central AC is an after-thought for any home considered to be working and well maintained. This is especially true for areas such as Florida where the heat necessitates a cooling system to keep a home comfortable. Unfortunately, an HVAC system is considered an “invisible” feature for real estate purposes. It’s not as wowing as say brand new granite counters. The advent of new HVAC system smart features works to counter this common perception with parts you can see and feel, even from a cursory look. Modern Air & Refrigeration will explore the top three features for your new HVAC system to give it that “wow” factor.

New HVAC System: Energy Efficient

This first new HVAC system feature is not as perceivable but is crucial. Today’s consumer is smart enough to ask the only question besides age when it comes to the AC system of a home. Besides worrying about the time left to operate home shoppers are looking for the energy bills that will be associated with heating and cooling. This is where energy efficiency comes in. The federal government makes this determination easy with its Energy Star label that marks an efficient AC unit. This label can be called out on a real estate listing as a feature of the AC system.

new HVAC SystemProgrammable Thermostat

We have mentioned before about the importance of this key feature of your AC unit. The thermostat represents the most often touched point of an HVAC system for most homeowners. Your new HVAC system should have this integration that stands out from ordinary mechanical thermostats. The most popular versions are sold by Google and Amazon and look the part of a smart gadget. These thermostats are often Wi-Fi enabled with phone apps that allow for temperature control from anywhere. It’s an eye-catching addition to a home that stands out compared to its traditional counterpart.

Internet Connectivity

As homes grow smarter every day it behooves any smart homeowner to ensure their new HVAC system is a part of this growing microcosm. Wi-Fi connected AC units are becoming more and more popular as their prices decrease due to economies of scale. These new systems can be controlled from anywhere in the world using mobile apps making them ideal for homeowners on the move. They can also keep track of energy consumption for the entire system and in most cases on a room by room basis. That information gives homeowners the ability to easily optimize their energy use and save money in the process. Wi-Fi enables AC are also great keywords to add to a real estate listing description.

This was a brief overview. If you need help picking out your new HVAC system call Modern Air and Refrigeration’s 24/7 line at (941) 727-0330 or send us a quick message for an immediate response.

3 Signs You Need a New AC Thermostat

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3 Signs You Need a New AC Thermostat

AC thermostatYour AC thermostat is the part of your HVAC system that sees the most traffic. It’s the steering wheel to the car that is your AC system. It’s understandable then to extrapolate that if your thermostat is not functioning or functioning sub-optimally your car is in trouble. To a regular homeowner, non-obvious signs that a thermostat might be malfunctioning may go unnoticed. As a matter of fact, unless the thermostat is completely off most homeowners assume it’s working correctly. This is a common misconception. In this Modern Air & Refrigeration article, we will explore three most common signs that your AC thermostat might be in need of repairs or replacement.

AC Thermostat Unresponsiveness

The quickest way to judge the effectiveness of your AC thermostat is its responsiveness. This can be ascertained by paying attention to the ticking sound you hear when you drastically change the temperature in your home. Listen closely to hear how quickly the click comes after a temperature change. Anything more than 3 to 5 seconds points to a slow to respond or non-responsive thermostat. The size of an AC thermostat makes it unideal to open to diagnose the issue. If you notice unresponsiveness, be sure to contact your local Sarasota HVAC contractor for a professional diagnosis.

Short Cycling HVAC System

This next AC fault is a little more subtle than the easy to identify click from an AC thermostat. As a matter of fact, this issue is often mischaracterized as the entire AC malfunctioning but the culprit is more often than not the thermostat. Your HVAC system might be failing to complete a full heating and cooling cycle due to improper temperature readings from your thermostat. Known as short cycling, the half performed cycles will leave your home feeling unpleasant. This is a headscratcher that is usually assumed to be caused by a broken HVAC system. Again, in this case, you want a professional to take a look at your system to properly nail down the cause.

Uneven Temperatures

Another hard to diagnose sign that your AC thermostat might be malfunctioning is uneven temperatures throughout your home. If the thermostat cannot ascertain the correct temperature then the AC is left to random operation. This is not ideal and will lead to inefficient heating or cooling that can leave homeowners confused as to the cause. If all other parts of the AC are working correctly, and you’re still dealing with uneven temperatures then it might be time to consider the thermostat. This problem can be costly if parts of your AC are working against others due to uneven temperature readings.

Do you need professional help with your AC thermostat problems? Call Modern Air and Refrigeration’s 24/7 line at (941) 727-0330 or send us a quick message for an immediate response.

Summer Air Conditioning Preparation

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Summer Air Conditioning Preparation

Summer Air ConditioningYour heating and cooling needs between winter and summer are different for not only you but your HVAC system as well. Proper summer air conditioning preparation will have your AC humming along without a hitch during the sweltering Florida summer. Modern Air & Refrigeration of Sarasota has put together a list of must-dos to prepare your home for the summer air. Our tips will save you money while prolonging your HVAC unit’s life.

Fans are Your Friends

Your first weapon in summer air conditioning preparation is going to be your fans. Check all fans around the house for proper operation after their long winter break from being used. Fans are essential to fighting the summer heat as they help air circulation and cool the air in your home. Although they do not change the temperature in your home, they make it feel cooler when you’re in their presence. Do a quick check on your fans and take this time to give them a cleaning as well. Dust, pollen and other particulates might have collected on the wings from non-use.

Your Windows to the World

The summer air is not all bad. Temperatures tend to rise during the day and drop during the night. Your summer air conditioning preparation can take advantage of this by using your blinds and drapes to your advantage. First, seal any air leaks around your windows to give your AC a chance to operate at optimal levels while reducing your cooling costs. Second, close your windows and blinds during the hottest part of the day. This will limit your exposure to direct heat from outside. Thirdly, consider opening your windows when nighttime hits and temperatures drop.

Schedule Summer Air Conditioning Maintenance

The sure-fire way to get your summer air conditioning game up to par is to have a professional perform an HVAC maintenance. Your local Sarasota AC contractor should be able to tell you what you need to do in order to get your AC operating at ideal levels. This might include usage recommendations as well as any necessary upgrades to your system. The Department of Energy estimates that on average home cooling accounts for 6% of the average American home’s energy use. A simple maintenance appointment might help you reign in some of the costs associated with the increase in energy use the summer month represent.

Do you need professional help with your summer air conditioning preparation? Call Modern Air and Refrigeration’s 24/7 line at (941) 727-0330 or send us a quick message for an immediate response.


3 Key Questions to Save Money on an Air Conditioning Estimate

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3 Key Questions to Save Money on an Air Conditioning Estimate

air conditioning estimateThe process of buying a new air conditioning unit for your home can be an arduous one fraught with a million things to check, and sometimes double check. Modern Air & Refrigeration believes the air conditioning estimate process should be a simple and straightforward affair. There are too many factors that go into choosing what air conditioner is going to be a good fit for your home and budget to cover in one article. But we’ve compiled a list of the crucial three questions you must ask your HVAC contractor to ensure you make a smart purchasing decision.

Can Current Ductwork Be Used?

A significant part of your home’s AC system is the ductwork. It’s significant in not only your AC’s proper operation but in cost as well. This makes it a very important issue to raise during your air conditioning estimate conversations. Not all ductwork is created equal but if you are a homeowner who is diligent about keeping your ductwork in good shape then there shouldn’t be a reason why you should need a completely new ductwork system with your new AC. Ask your HVAC contractor for a system that is compatible with your current ductwork if possible.

Are There Any New Technologies to Consider?

The AC world changes fast while home air conditioning installations are made to last. New technologies such as ductless systems, smart heating/cooling features, and upgraded accessories are hitting the market on a regular basis. These new features are aimed at saving you money while adding more functionality to your HVAC system. Make sure to mention or ask about any new technologies that might be a good fit for your home during the air conditioning estimate procedure.

Are There Any Rebates or Tax Credits Available?

AC manufactures as well as the government have a significant interest in saving you money on your new air conditioner purchase. Manufacturers benefit from your selection of their products over competitors and the government benefits from homeowners investing in their homes and therefore the economy. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of rebates that your AC contractor should be able to guide you on. The US government makes it more convenient to find tax credits with an online directory of current tax credits based on the year. That information can be found at the following link. The best source for both of these options to save money, of course, is going to be your choose HVAC provider as part of your air conditioning estimate.

Do you need professional help on navigating the air conditioning estimate process? Call Modern Air and Refrigeration’s 24/7 line at (941) 727-0330 or send us a quick message for an immediate response.

Three Ways to Save on Spring Energy Bills

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spring energy billsEvery season comes with its own heating and cooling challenges. Spring is no different with its constant dips into winter and hints to the upcoming summer. Whatever the season, we can all benefit from more of our hard earned dollars staying in our bank accounts. Modern Air and Refrigeration of Sarasota has you covered on your spring energy bills this year. We’ve put together our top three tips to save your hard earned cash for other spring activities through saving on energy costs.

Let the Fresh Air In!

Your home might be suffering from locked-in syndrome, from being locked down tight all winter. The colder air leads homeowners to batten down the hatches so to speak and reduce any leaks inside to the outside air. Well, now that spring is here, time to open your wonderful home back up to the world! Spring is an excellent time to turn off your AC, open your doors and windows, and let the natural breeze blow down your bottom line. Your spring energy bills can be cooled by the cool spring breeze.

Fan of Fans

The hidden power of ceiling fans cannot be undersold when it comes to reducing your spring energy bills. It’s a proven fact that ceiling fans can reduce your energy costs by up to 30% to 40% in some instances. Springtime is the perfect time to turn on those fans to again circulate some of the air that’s been lying stagnant throughout the winter. Just be careful remember that fans don’t actually reduce the temperature. They produce a wind effect that can make it feel cooler. So turn those off when you’re not home or using the room they are fanning to further save on energy costs.

Energy Efficient Window Treatments

We know it can be a bit antithetical to start a list of saving money by asking you to spend money. With that in mind, we saved the most expensive tip for last. But we cannot ignore this spring energy bills buster called energy-efficient window treatments. Our good friends at the Department of Energy estimate that homes can lose upwards to 30% of their heat and cold through regular windows. With the advent of cheap manufacturing, it may behoove every homeowner to consider investing in energy-efficient window treatment options.

Need professional help on lowering your spring energy bills? Call Modern Air and Refrigeration’s 24/7 line at (941) 727-0330 or send us a quick message for an immediate response.