Walk-in Cooler Maintenance Tips

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walk-in coolerA walk-in cooler is a critical major investment for any business in the food service industry. A faulty or broken cooler could lead to a stoppage of business operations and a loss of major inventory. This would be disastrous for operations. This is why it’s crucial that you keep your walk-in cooler in great shape to avoid any of these problems from plaguing your business. Besides hiring walk-in cooler experts like Modern Air and Refrigeration of Bradenton, there are several steps you can take to increase the lifetime of your cooler.

Walk-in Cooler Condensing Unit

All the components of your walk-in cooler are important but some more so than others. None are as significant as your condensing unit. Your walk-in cooler’s condensing unit consists of three pieces; the compressor, the condensing coil, and the condensing fan motor. Together they are the workhorses of your walk-in cooler. They use coolant to keep the temperature low and your goods properly refrigerated. It’s highly recommended that at least twice a year you shut off the power to your cooler and clean the condensing unit. This can be accomplished by either vacuuming around the unit or reversing the air flow. The latter is more complicated but more effective.

Monthly Cleaning Your Walk-in Cooler

The purpose of a walk-in cooler makes it unavoidable that it will get dirty. Food spills, dirty footprints, and just the general foot traffic these coolers see make it a favorable environment for bacteria and other contaminants to develop. Cleaning a cooler requires a different approach than your home fridge. Certain cleaners and chemicals can damage the surfaces of your cooler. Soap and water are the recommended tools to clean your cooler. Due to the gentleness of these solutions, it’s extremely recommended that you clean your cooler at a minimum once a month.

Walk-in Cooler Yearly Inspections

The complexity of your walk-in cooler’s operations will eventually necessitate the assistance of professionals. The costly nature of a cooler breakdown makes it prudent for every business owner to take the necessary preventative steps in ensuring a walk-in cooler emergency never befalls their business. A walk-in cooler contractor should be local with 24/7 support availability. Every second your cooler is malfunctioning is more of your inventory lost increasing the cost of a breakdown exponentially.

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