New HVAC System Features that Increase Your Home’s Value

Product Information

Central AC is an after-thought for any home considered to be working and well maintained. This is especially true for areas such as Florida where the heat necessitates a cooling system to keep a home comfortable. Unfortunately, an HVAC system is considered an “invisible” feature for real estate purposes. It’s not as wowing as say brand new granite counters. The advent of new HVAC system smart features works to counter this common perception with parts you can see and feel, even from a cursory look. Modern Air & Refrigeration will explore the top three features for your new HVAC system to give it that “wow” factor.

New HVAC System: Energy Efficient

This first new HVAC system feature is not as perceivable but is crucial. Today’s consumer is smart enough to ask the only question besides age when it comes to the AC system of a home. Besides worrying about the time left to operate home shoppers are looking for the energy bills that will be associated with heating and cooling. This is where energy efficiency comes in. The federal government makes this determination easy with its Energy Star label that marks an efficient AC unit. This label can be called out on a real estate listing as a feature of the AC system.

new HVAC SystemProgrammable Thermostat

We have mentioned before about the importance of this key feature of your AC unit. The thermostat represents the most often touched point of an HVAC system for most homeowners. Your new HVAC system should have this integration that stands out from ordinary mechanical thermostats. The most popular versions are sold by Google and Amazon and look the part of a smart gadget. These thermostats are often Wi-Fi enabled with phone apps that allow for temperature control from anywhere. It’s an eye-catching addition to a home that stands out compared to its traditional counterpart.

Internet Connectivity

As homes grow smarter every day it behooves any smart homeowner to ensure their new HVAC system is a part of this growing microcosm. Wi-Fi connected AC units are becoming more and more popular as their prices decrease due to economies of scale. These new systems can be controlled from anywhere in the world using mobile apps making them ideal for homeowners on the move. They can also keep track of energy consumption for the entire system and in most cases on a room by room basis. That information gives homeowners the ability to easily optimize their energy use and save money in the process. Wi-Fi enables AC are also great keywords to add to a real estate listing description.

This was a brief overview. If you need help picking out your new HVAC system call Modern Air and Refrigeration’s 24/7 line at (941) 727-0330 or send us a quick message for an immediate response.